Larry Steinhouse Is Coming To Princeton!
Join Us Tuesday October 18th 2022

Two Times to Pick From! 12 Noon or 6PM

Meet Financial Expert, Larry Steinhouse, 
author of...

"Money Hacks: Because Everything You Think You Know about Money Is Wrong"


Host of "Money Chat Now!"

Attendees Will Get A Copy Of Larry's New Book!

Bring a pen and paper to take notes!!!
Larry will teach you how to:

  • Learn how to buy houses with no money
  • How Rich get richer and pay less taxes, and you can do it too
  • How to make inflation work for you
  • Discover how the Stock Marketing REALLY works
  • Learn how to protect yourself from the upcoming REAL Recession

Who Is Larry Steinhouse?

CEO Investor Schooling

As A Long-Term Investor, Larry Knows His Stuff!  As A Business Coach, Larry Has Helped People To Learn New Ways Of Making Any Business More Portable. His Marketing Skills Are Top Notch, Both On And Off Line. Have You Seen Him Before? If Not, You Will Soon!

As Co-Founder In Investor Schooling, Larry Teaches Students How To Make Real Money And Build Real Wealth. He Has Helped His Students Through Every Step Of The Process Of Searching For, Buying, Rehabbing And Then Renting Or Selling Real Estate And He Also Teaches, How To Invest In Stock Options.

Larry Has A Passion For Investing In Good, Profitable Properties.

Larry Specializes In Buying Properties With Little, Or None, Of His Own Money. His Favorite Method Is Buying Houses “Subject To” The Original Mortgage. A Close Second Is Seller Financing And Then Comes Private Lenders. Larry Has Even Bought Houses Using Credit Cards. As A Long-Term Investor In This Business, Larry Knows His Stuff! As A Business Coach, Larry Has Helped People To Learn New Ways Of Making Any Business More Profitable. He Enjoys Helping Others Learn To Earn Money And Build Real Wealth.

Larry’s Other Passion Is Stock Options.

A Few Years Ago, Larry Created A Set Of Rules For Trading Options And It Has Proven To Be Very Profitable. In Just One Three Year Period, Larry Earned Almost $750,000  
Larry Also Specializes In Building Credit And Rebuilding Credit Scores.

After A Financial Disaster In 2008, Larry Filed For Bankruptcy And Has Learned Some Amazing Secrets To Rebuilding Credit. Using These Techniques, Larry Has Built His Available Credit On Credit Cards To Over A Half-Million Dollars!

We Only Have A Limited Number Of Seats For This Event.

MONEY HACKS LIVE Tuesday October 18th 2022

 Check-in starts 30 minutes before each session
Start Time
Afternoon Session: 12 Noon
Evening Session: 6:00pm

The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village
201 Village Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540

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