April 24th 2022

Start planning your Financial future and take control of your money with Investor Schooling's Live workshop...

Finances & Freedom Event

How to bounce back financially after Covid and regain your freedom

WITH Keynote Speakers
Senator Douglas V. Mastriano & Bill Spadea

LIVE SEATING INCLUDES A GREAT LUNCH at The Historic Washington Crossing Inn

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No One Knows Your Financial Goals Better Than You.

It's Not All Common Sense!
Having The Expert Knowledge You Need To Manage Your Money Can Change Your Life.

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April 24th In Washington Crossing, PA

>>> Special GuestS <<<

Senator Douglas V. Mastriano, PhD

Pennsylvania's 33rd District

Doug Mastriano is a combat veteran and the son of a career US Navy man. He is an Eagle Scout and worked as a paperboy, janitor, security guard, short-order cook, pizza delivery person and dishwasher. Doug was commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1986 and served on the Iron Curtain with the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment in West Germany. While serving along the East German and Czechoslovakian borders, he witnessed the end of the Cold War and thereafter deployed to Iraq for Operation Desert Storm (1991) to liberate Kuwait. His regiment led the attack against Saddam’s elite Republican Guard forces. Doug went on to serve in Washington, DC, the 3rd Infantry Division and US Army Europe. After 9/11, Mastriano was the lead planner for the operation to invade Iraq via Turkey. He served four years with NATO and deployed three times to Afghanistan. Mastriano was the director of NATO’s Joint Intelligence Center in Afghanistan, leading 80 people from 18 nations. On his own initiative, Doug led seven relief operations to help Afghan orphans. He completed his career as a Professor of the U.S. Army War College (PAWC), Carlisle, PA, and taught Strategic Studies at the Master Degree level to the next generation of senior leaders.

Bill Spadea

#1 Talk Show Host In New Jersey & Founder of "Common Sense Club"

Bill Spadea is an entrepreneur, media personality, father, husband and vocal advocate for working and middle class families.

Spadea is the top morning drive talk show host in New Jersey on 101.5 FM. For seven years he hosted a successful show on FOX TV, "Chasing News with Bill Spadea". He's done a little bit of everything over his 25-plus year career, serving as a political strategist, analyst, candidate for office and business executive. He also regularly hosts music festivals and comedy shows in the New York/New Jersey area. Before getting into media, he served as an executive in the real estate industry for 18 years, coaching, recruiting and selling. He is currently a licensed broker in several states, including New Jersey, Washington and Massachusetts, working with a national real estate company. Following the show on FoxTV, Spadea launched and continues to manage budget and production for a film company which sold their latest movie "Psycho Storm Chaser" to LifetimeTV.

Here’s What To Expect...

Our Guest Speakers Listed Below, Will Take You Through A Journey Of Financial Literacy, And Teach The Financial Literacy Mindset.

Our Expert Knowledge Empowers You, To Use Expertise And Knowledge To Make The Right Decisions For Your Money, Your Investments AndYour Future.

You Will Use The Information In This Seminar To Better Your Life In Ways You Can Only Imagine.  

Health, Wealth, And A Proper Mindset Are The Keys To A Happier, More Financially Secure Lifestyle And We Have The Secrets!

...And That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Featured Speakers

Brent Kesler

The Money Multiplier

Brent Was A Chiropractor And Chiropractic Coach For Over 14 Years - In What Seems Like A Previous Life To Him At This Point. After Implementing His The Money Multiplier (TMM) Method, Brent Was Able To Pay Off $984,711 In 3rd Party Debt In 39 Months.

Brent Became So Passionate About How Powerful This Concept Was, He Began To Share It With Others. For The Last 5 Plus Years, Brent Has Been Lecturing To Thousands Of People Around The Country On The Dynamics Of The TMM Method And Helping Individuals To Break The Bonds Of Financial Slavery And Taking Control Of Their Own Financial Life.
Brent Has A Passionate Belief That Whether You Make $10/Hour Or $10,000/Hour You Should Know And Have This Powerful Information And Keep Control Of Your Own Money.

Will Be Giving You Strategies On...

  • How to save more money
  • How to get out of debt years earlier
  • How to increase your wealth without adding any new income

Ken McArthur

Impact Millions

Ken McArthur, best-selling author of “Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World,” has enabled thousands of people to achieve amazing impact by championing the philosophy that partnerships and collaboration build value for everyone.

Selected by Fast Company as one of the 20 Most Influential People Online, Ken’s powerful call to action, “The Impact Manifesto: You Make A Difference Whether You Want To Or Not” was selected for publication by Seth Godin’s brainchild “Change This” which places his manifesto in the company of manifestos written by Seth Godin, Hugh MacLeod, Guy Kawasaki, Chris Anderson, Jay Conrad Levinson, Tom Peters, Malcolm Gladwell and Robert Scoble.

Ken is also the producer of a new feature film, “The Impact Factor” which challenges us to realize we ALL have an impact – whether we want to or not – on thousands of people who we touch in our day-to-day lives by demonstrating that simple things make a HUGE difference.

Will Be Giving You Strategies On...

  • Create Massive Personal Impact by Leveraging Art, Science, and Technology to reach millions
  • How to build profits and relationships that can last a lifetime
  • How to take your visibility, reach and profits to a new level that you can’t even imagine right now

Gordon Brodecki


Your Health is an important as your wealth!  To live the life you desire.

Gordon Brodecki is a trainer, author, and entrepreneur. He is also the owner and founder of Garage Fitness in Croydon, PA. As a personal trainer and body building coach, he provides instruction, motivation, and support to his clientele daily and relays his tried-and-true wellness strategies that enable them to reach their desired fitness goals and keeps them coming back for more.

He is the second youngest of six siblings raised in Bensalem, PA. At the age of 13 years old, Gordon started weightlifting, introducing him to the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

At 21, Gordon began training others in fitness and health and has worked with thousands of clients, both as a personal trainer and body building coach. Gordon has trained and competed in power-lifting competitions, and many all-natural bodybuilding competitions, often placing first in his weight class. With over 20 years of experience, Gordon provides customized training for his clients throughout their fitness journeys.

Teddy Daniels

LT. Governor Candidate

Teddy Daniels was born and raised in Pennsylvania to a blue collar family. Teddy’s father was brick and stone mason and his mother worked at textile factory. Teddy attributes his work ethic to his blue collar upbringing.

After a successful law enforcement career, Ted enlisted active duty into the United States Army Infantry. Deployed to Afghanistan, Teddy was wounded during a firefight with the Taliban in 2012. Teddy is a highly decorated Combat veteran and his commendations include the Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge.

While recovering from his injuries at Ft. Carson Colorado, Teddy saw a need for a highly trained and capable force in dealing with the legal marijuana industry. Teddy founded a security/transport and consulting firm and was the first in the industry to specialize and cater specifically to the legal cannabis market. Teddy was trailblazing in his services and took his company public in just over 8 months. He has worked tirelessly with politicians and government entities across the country to enact mandates to keep the industry safe.

Teddy now spends his time with his family and as a Wounded Combat Veteran he volunteers and supports other veteran’s organizations. Teddy is a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, The Combat Vets MC and the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

In addition to his own campaign for Lt. Governor, Teddy served the Trump campaign as the Northeast U.S. Director of Vets for Trump.

Dan Zitofsky

Health and Wealth

For three decades, Dan has specialized in working with clients to build equity in their wealth portfolios and raising private money. Having crushed every area of life including business, family, coaching and consulting there was only area of Life he could never get a hold of... his health.

He thought he had all the time on his side until at 48 years old the Doctor tried forcing him on medications... "I swore I would never allow that and started my journey from what I finally said was 'Rock Bottom.' I tried doing it on my own until I let my ego go and jumped into a program of Health, Nutrition, and Coaching. Now I have not only regained my optimal health losing close to 80 lbs, perfect blood work, sleeping better, no joint pain, no breathing issues and clarity but I am blessed to be able to bring this to many others as well."

In business he's closed over 800 fix-and-flips, 650 rental properties, 800 plus doors in multi family projects and over 1,000 private money and Non Performing Note transactions. He helps investors by offering coaching on creating wealth and raising all the private money they’ll need in their business. Now he gets to live his "Trust Vision" and coach others to get Truly Healthy. There is no Wealth without Health.

He is a best selling author with his first book “Passive to Prosperous”.

Mentoring other investors and entrepreneurs while sharing what he has learned in Health and Wealth truly is a passion for Dan. His mission is to help them get the same success he has in their own lives.

Anna Kelly

Anna Kelley has ownership in and asset manages over 1200 multifamily units across the US, valued at $165M, and has invested in over 2000 doors. Anna runs a multifamily syndication company, Greater Purpose Capital, LLC, focused on creating meaningful impact on the communities in which she and her partners invest. She is a 4X Amazon #1 Best Selling Author, real estate coach, and sought after speaker for multifamily events across the country. In the last 20 years, she has purchased, renovated, and rented millions of dollars in real estate across numerous asset classes. Anna worked in the financial sector for 25 years and was a top ranked Private Banker for Bank of America, where she managed the financial relationships of high net worth individuals and businesses. She brings her experience with traditional investments and apartment syndications to help others make wise investments in real estate.

Larry Steinhouse


As A Long-Term Investor, Larry Knows His Stuff!  As A Business Coach, Larry Has Helped People To Learn New Ways Of Making Any Business More Portable. His Marketing Skills Are Top Notch, Both On And Off Line. Have You Seen Him Before? If Not, You Will Soon!

As Co-Founder In Investor Schooling, Larry Teaches Students How To Make Real Money And Build Real Wealth. He Has Helped His Students Through Every Step Of The Process Of Searching For, Buying, Rehabbing And Then Renting Or Selling Real Estate And He Also Teaches, How To Invest In Stock Options.

Larry Has A Passion For Investing In Good, Profitable Properties.

Larry Specializes In Buying Properties With Little, Or None, Of His Own Money. His Favorite Method Is Buying Houses “Subject To” The Original Mortgage. A Close Second Is Seller Financing And Then Comes Private Lenders. Larry Has Even Bought Houses Using Credit Cards. As A Long-Term Investor In This Business, Larry Knows His Stuff! As A Business Coach, Larry Has Helped People To Learn New Ways Of Making Any Business More Profitable. He Enjoys Helping Others Learn To Earn Money And Build Real Wealth.

Larry’s Other Passion Is Stock Options.

A Few Years Ago, Larry Created A Set Of Rules For Trading Options And It Has Proven To Be Very Profitable. In Just One Three Year Period, Larry Earned Almost $750,000  
Larry Also Specializes In Building Credit And Rebuilding Credit Scores.

After A Financial Disaster In 2008, Larry Filed For Bankruptcy And Has Learned Some Amazing Secrets To Rebuilding Credit. Using These Techniques, Larry Has Built His Available Credit On Credit Cards To Over A Half-Million Dollars!

Phil Falcone


Phil Falcone Started His Real Estate Investing Career At Age 23. He Is The Author Of Two Books On The Subject. The First Is “Addicted To Real Estate - Why I Can’t Stop And Why You Should Start”, The Second Is “How To Buy Houses With None Of Your Own Money”.  

Phil Owns Commercial Properties As Well As Vacation Rentals.

He Also Owns The Most Famous “Tiny-House Park” In America. Located In Siesta Key, Florida, This Tiny Home Park Has Been Featured In “The Wall Street Journal” And On Several Televised Newscasts. Phil Continues To Be An Avid Investor With A Passion To Teach Others The Art Of Real Estate Investing!

Phil’s Favorite Way To Buy Houses Is With Seller Financing.

He Has Negotiated Millions Of Dollars In Deals Using This Simple Technique.
How Much Does He Pay In Interest For This? Usually 0%!
Phil’s Stories About His Deals Will Keep You Riveted To Your Seat! Get Ready For A Wild Ride!
Ask Him How He Bought A $2.5 Million Building With Just $15,000 In The Bank!

Will Be Giving You Strategies On...

  • Learn how to manage rental properties and make 10X the returns.
  • Learn how Phil Manages AIRBNB and VRBO to get more bookings.
  • Learn why private money is "Easy Money".
  • Learn how to create quick money with "wholesaling" real estate.

We Can't Wait To See You.

Larry And Phil

Join us April 24th


Date: Sunday, April 24th
Check In begins at 8:30 a.m.
Location: Washington Crossing Inn
1295 General Washington Memorial Blvd, Washington Crossing, PA 18977

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