The secret to sourcing real estate deals from people you know.

Discover The Power Of The Wedding List!

How to let people know about your real estate business, the first of 4 letters, their effectiveness, and the importance of mailing to the right 300 people.

Founder and CEO of Investor Schooling

About Larry Steinhouse

Teaching students how to make real money and build real wealth has been a passion of Larry’s for many years. He has helped his students through every step of the process of searching for, buying, rehabbing, and then renting or selling the property.

Of course, Larry’s other passion for making Money is Stock Options. His other nickname, “The Crazy Options Trader”.  In just a few years of dabbling with Stock Options, Larry created a set of rules. After testing those rules, he discovered, he was on to something big!  In just a few years, Larry made over $1,000,000 with those rules.